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Last Update: 10:00pm, 19 SEPT 2019

Safety Companion With Back-to-Back Support from Real Road Users

OMG (Owl My Guard) is a road users social interaction platform equipped with safety & security features. This would enable news updates / exchanging message when incident happen to user’s vehicle or/and surrounding area from nearby active users.

“BEEP!” the Pager

“BEEP!” is a simple one-way and anonymous paging feature which enables a user to send a short message to notify, remind, alert and warn another user of a certain incident.  A user simply needs to press the “BEEP!” button, write a short message to the directed vehicle anonymously.

Identify Safety Zone At Destination Point

The users may take extra precautionary measure by

accessing this feature to check on safety issues

pertaining to specific parking zoning based on historical

data and incident as shared by other users.

Report Lodgement And Sharing to Enhance Interaction

The users may upload onto the Application the updates regarding road-related incidents in various ways such as storyline, photos and videos footage to ensure excellent interactions among users on timely basis.

Bulletin, All You Need
to Read Is Here

The users may access the “Bulletin” feature on the Application which consists of four (4) main categories, namely: Featured, Trending,
Nearby Me and Live & Latest.

Broadcast and Notifications, the Real Time “Live”

During extreme circumstances, users may alert potential road
obstacles / hazards to other users. Notifications which powered by broadcast feature will enable users to share and receive latest and genuine updates during incidents.

In-App Messaging Tools As Instant Communication Tools

A user who witnessed a particular incident is able to interact with other users who may be unaware of their self-involvement, thorugh the Application’s in-app messaging feature. This feature will ensure prompt awareness and response to the road users and avoid potential error due to time lapse.

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